T’iis Nideeshgizh

Newcomb Chapter


“To provide economic opportunities in infrastructure development, youth enrichment, and enhance incentive values, self–determination, preserve culture and natural resource, in the best interest of the people.”


 ‘Newcomb community envisions a regionalize governance to assure service delivery is maintained for its economic proficiency.”


Newcomb Chapter is located on the Navajo reservation in San Juan County, New Mexico, 35 miles south of Shiprock, New Mexico and 58 miles north of Gallup, New Mexico on U.S. Highway 491. The community has a population of approximately 2,000 members with 591 registered voters and is the first Chapter in the State of New Mexico to become Local Governance Act Certified in 2004.

The Newcomb community consist of the Newcomb Chapter, a Navajo Head Start Program, Senior Citizens Center, Central Consolidated Schools (Elementary, Middle and High School), Rural Library, San Juan County Fire Station, Navajo Housing Authority housing, Churches (Baptist, Christian Reform, Day of Pentecost, Pentecostal, Assembly of God), and Shell  Gas Station.

Newcomb is also the central location for other surrounding communities – Burnham, Two Grey Hills/Toadlena, Sheepsprings, Burnham, and Littlewater.

Chapter Officials

David Randolph, Sr., President
Willamena Smith, Vice President
Donna Benally, Secretary-Treasurer
Lawrence Gould, Grazing Representative
Rick Nez, Council Delegate


Norman Benally, Chapter Manager
Ja Charles, Administrative Assistant


Housing Selection Committee

Lou H. Barber, President
Norman Tom, Vice President
Suzie Wood, Secretary